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REEis is the leading home insulation service in the Riverside area. We are fully licensed general and HVAC contractors who specialize in energy efficiency. Our company is a participant in the Energy Star program and practices the Energy Star best practices and protocol, as well as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Home Performance. Once you decide to have a REEis home, we will come and...

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Home Insulation Tips

Home Insulation Tips

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Riverside Home Insulation Service | Energy Star Program Participant

With energy costs skyrocketing, everyone needs to tighten their belts and look for ways to save dollars. One of best ways to save is to have your home examined at by a competent home insulation company. You will be astounded by the amount of heat loss your home experiences every day. The more severe the weather the higher the loss, It's not just hot air in the winter we are referring to. You lose an equivalent amount of cool air during the blistering heat of summer as well as your furnace and air conditioner strain to keep up with your thermostat's demands.

Most of the loss is through the roof. If you add additional insulation to your attic, you will see a significant decrease in your heating and cooling bills. Attic insulation can be blown in to your space or applied with rolls or batts of fiberglass insulation. A competent insulation installer like Riverside Insulation Company can address and manage other areas of energy loss. You may have significant leakage around your doors and windows that could be dramatically reduced by caulking and filling cracks near these openings. How about your basement? By applying fiberglass along the top edge of your basement walls, you can save additional dollars. Do your windows need to be replaced with more efficient windows?

Riverside Heating and Cooling can show you even more ways to increase reduce your energy costs. Wrap your hot water lines with an insulating blanket that will keep hot water hot. The same can apply to your water heater. By having it wrapped with a fiberglass cover, you can save energy. You can actually turn down the thermostat and reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your water. Riverside Insulation Company can install a programmable thermostat that intelligently adjusts your home's temperature. In any event, time is money. The more hot air you lose, the more you will spend on energy.